Best Practices For Increasing Recruiter Performance

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Understand What it Takes to Effectively Craft Searches That Produce the Right Candidate Results

Often many recruiters that the staffing firm business owner is relying on to drive revenue and ultimately gross profit for their business dont understand the basic concepts of how to craft effective searches designed to produce the right candidates results. Unfortunately for them, search is 60% of the job. Before they start to recruit their first candidates, get them on the phone or send an email, they must understand what is important in the job description and how it correlates to the search criteria to beat their competition to the best candidates.

Do your recruiters possess the basic knowledge and critical thinking skills todeliver when an open job requirement is assigned?

Dissecting The Job Title And Description

There is a science to dissecting the customers job title and job description. Once this is mastered only then are the recruiters able to repeatedly produce the very best search results to begin their recruiting process. When each recruiter has been trained, mentored and coached to perform for their level of experience and qualifications, coupled with how job orders are assigned to members of the recruitingteam based on their individual abilities is crucial. Only then, will they be able to create effective searches and be in a position to generate the best candidateresults from their searches.

But, making it even simpler to understand this is where the rubber meets the road. If candidates who are being submitted to your customers hiring managers are not getting interview requests, offers and starts it is a clear indication that there is a disconnect between what the client is seeking and what or how the staffing firm is able to recruit and deliver on.

Without proper nurturing and constant development of the recruiters abilities as professional recruiters, the expectations for stellar productivity should be very low and the owner will never be able to run a lean recruiting engine. Throwing more people at the problem isnt the cure, but investing in the recruiters professional development is vital for long-term profitable growth. In today’s Staffing and Recruiting industry the recruiting and delivery operations is a profitcenter as, Its All About Delivery, after the services agreements are signed.

When the staffing firm leader understands that their recruiters are individual revenue and profit generating roles it becomes clear that focusing on each recruiters professional development is key to increasing recruiterperformance each day, week and month.

So how do we increase recruiter performance? Ongoing professional recruiter training.

Assuming that job orders are viable and notbeing brought into the company by the sales team to be recruited on riddled with issues, then we must assume there is a breakdown somewhere in the recruiting organization and/or the supporting technology used to perform recruitment processes.These breakdowns could be associated with the people, knowledge, broken processes, miss set or poorly aligned performance expectations or the technology being used to enable the recruiting team to succeed.

Not one staffing firm leader in any vertical ever placed someone in a contract or direct-hire position that did not meet or exceed the customers job order specifications. The days of simply providing a desk, telephone, and computer without an ongoing rigorous internal training program designed to develop the technical recruiters complete capabilities have long past. Thejob market has dramatically changed over the years and more rapidly during the last few requiring that staffing firms adapt to how customers procure talent, but also what is actually required to recruit talent for the exacting specifications for each open position being recruited on.

Staffing firm leaders that get this concept, provide ongoing formal and situationaltraining that their recruiting teams need to be effective, increasing placements. Also, knowing that their recruiting team drives top and bottom-line contribution.They are also able to run a lean recruiting organization due to each recruiters greater knowledge and heightenedskills as a professional recruiter.

What’s Next?

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