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Since Recruiting Factors inception, we have worked with staffing firms and their recruiting organizations of all sizes nationally and internationally helping them realize the financial ROI that JobDiva provides.

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The Recruiting Factors Difference

Our priority is our customers and making sure we serve them to the very best of our abilities. This starts with completely understanding our customers’ challenges so that we can help them make more placements monthly. This can only be achieved when JobDiva is implemented and actionable “best practices” are executed repeatedly throughout the staffing organization. Through these efforts, we help our customers realize the justification and realization of why they invested in JobDiva® as their “mission-critical” Customer Relationship Management tool and Applicant Tracking System.

Jay has always demonstrated as keen mastery of the staffing and talent management space. He's an expert on the interpersonal aspect of human capital as wll as its value-propositions. Jay has a knack for identifying innovations of value, sorting them out from the over-hyped fluff that might pass by, and is deft at change management. Mr. Powel is a leader, an analyst, an advisor, a mentor and a great achiever.

Diya Obeid

JobDiva, CEO