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“A chance meeting with Jay was one of the best things to happen to my recruiting team. The process improvements he helped us put in place increased our productivity by 3X, and has allowed us to both reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of our efforts. Jay is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him highly.”

  • Eric Oelschlaeger

    President, Epsilon, Inc.

    "I've known Jay for over nine years - first a client, soon as an admired client, and then as a friend and a respected industry colleague, Jay has always demonstrated as keen mastery of the staffing and talent management space. He's an expert on the interpersonal aspect of human capital as wll as its value-propositions. Mr. Powel is a leader, an analyst, an advisor, a mentor and a great achiever. I'm very glad to have met him and to have this opportunity to share my high regard for him."

  • Diya Obeid

    CEO, JobDiva