When employees felt onboarding was engaging, they were 18x more likely to feel highly committed to their employer

Your staffing firm is in a war for top technical talent that shows no sign of easing. Getting consultants to sign an offer is the first step, but it doesn’t assure their commitment to your firm. Which is why delighting your talented new hires with a exemplary onboarding experience is critical to their long-term engagement and retention.

Onboarding is a necessary operational function that requires high compliance to avoid being at risk and is often not top of mind to the staffing owner until there is a problem. Outsourcing the onboarding process enables the firm to maintain focus on core competencies, while still providing a platinum candidate experience.

Recruiting Factors’ Outsourced Onboarding Services for JobDiva enable firms to readily supplement their operations, obtain comprehensive knowledge required to exploit JobDiva’s robust functionality for onboarding contractors and help in realigning internal staff on the staffing agency’s core competencies of recruiting and staffing.

We offer a comprehensive service offering for outsourced onboarding for technical staffing firms leveraging JobDiva’s onboarding features and functionality. Our knowledgeable team of professionals has led the way in establishing best practices centered on leveraging JobDiva’s Onboarding functionality working closely with their team to capitalize on system efficiencies enabled by its industry-leading Assignment Record and Onboarding automation capabilities. Staffing firms can rely on Recruiting Factors to fully manage the end- to- end operational process for onboarding consultants and satisfy demanding federal, state and client compliance requirements.

12% of employees think their organization does a great job of onboarding.

25%of companies admitted that their onboarding program doesn't include any form of training, which potentially leads to a loss of 60% of a company's entire workforce

Organizations with effective onboarding have 33% more employees feeling engaged than organizations with ineffective onboarding.

69% of consultant employees are more likely to stay with their employer for at least three years after a great onboarding experience

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