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Your staffing firm strategy isnt fool-proof just because you put together a team of people performing sales and recruiting with the right skills and qualifications. Factors that are interdependent on people being capable of leveraging both processes and technology can ruin even the best strategies.

Leveraging-JobDiva-Full-CapabilitiesIn many of my previous blog posts, I have spoken on how JobDiva is a real differentiator. I have discussed the various components that must run like a finely-tuned Le Mans race car when developing your strategy for scalable, profitable growth. Organizational dynamics and capabilities can either positively or negatively impact a staffing firms ability to grow profitably. Your staffing firms profitability is hinged on how well all users adopt JobDiva as mission critical to your staffing firms success, stagnation or failure. The need for institutionalizing across your company how JobDiva plays a critical component in your staffing firms day-to-day strategy is key to how you can compete and differentiate yourselves from the competition and adds value for your customers and candidates.

There are many reasons why staffing firm owners migrate from a previously used Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to JobDiva. Too often, however, those reasons are not fully realized. Often it is due to the lack of the staffing firms commitment and knowledge in how all JobDivas features and functionality can streamline many, if not most, of their manually intensive processes presently being performed.

What you need to truly make a difference is great team dynamics and strategies that mirror JobDivas inherit workflows designed into the application as best practices. The key is that to sustain and grow profitably you must understand factors that are larger than any one person. Those factors that go to the heart of your business without any of the baggage or sacred cows that are not in line with how in todays market successful staffing firms leverage technology (JobDiva) for sustained profitable growth year-over-year.

Lessons Learned from Le Mans Racing

Consider JobDiva as the staffing industries most dynamic, robust and fastest ATS. Just as the Le Mans GT race cars compete in that historic and annual grueling 24-hour automobile race at Le Mans (24-Heures du Mans) that runs every June in France. The race tests technology, reliability, driver discipline, endurance, and team strategy. A win at Le Mans is considered a career pinnacle for both the auto manufacturer, management, engineers, and a team of drivers. Their combined success is interdependent on each person performing at their peak effectiveness and sticking to a strategy with a single goal of winning.

JobDiva SaaS & How It Helps Staffing Firms Win

So, you are scratching your head and speculating how JobDiva relates to Le Mans? When the staffing firm owner and his/her leadership team selected JobDiva to replace it old ATS it was implemented because it provided all the capabilities that are designed for having a clear advantage over the competition and winning.

But, somewhere after the implementation the staffing firm did not adapt or embrace all or some of the solutions that JobDiva is intended to solve. Everyone was too busy to really learn how to get 100% out of JobDiva, adopt new behaviors, resistant to change, and people made excuses for why continuing to do it the old way was necessary to do their jobs. However, to take the victory lap after the implementation of JobDiva requires the know-how for getting the greatest return-on-investment by learning the best practices that increase productivity. Are you starting to see the parallels?

Developing an annual business plan and strategy that does not directly connect JobDiva as a vital component of that plan is short-sighted. Factoring JobDiva as part of your strategy framework and how well it is adapted organizationally is just as important as having the right staffing sales and recruiting team who are knowledgeable and equipped in leveraging JobDiva as an integral part of their success or failure. Factors outside of your strategy can still ruin your plans, but when everyone is leveraging JobDiva to its fullest capabilities it helps to position your staffing firm to have a higher percentage chance of winning more placements from just your existing job orders.

If you want to learn more about how your staffing firm can win more placements using JobDiva just like a Le Mans race team takes a victory lap contact us today. You can book straight into our calendar using the button below.

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