Q&A with Jay: Matt Walden, Infinity Consulting Solutions, on the JobDiva Supplier Portal

Matt Walden is Managing Partner with Infinity Consulting Solutions, a workforce management company with 11 US offices. As a partner in a large company, he wanted to take advantage of the latest JobDiva features without costly down time.

What was one JobDiva feature you hadn’t been using?

There was a supplier portal we weren’t utilizing to full advantage that we now have launched. Jay and Angela showed us exactly how this will save us time and money–huge savings: We’re talking 6 figures! The supplier portal was not something I had considered doing prior to working with them.

Why was Recruiting Factors your choice for updating your knowledge of JobDiva?

Experience. We knew there were lots of new features, updates, and integrations that we wanted to get acquainted with. Some of JobDiva’s features have come a long way since we’d last looked into it, and they were now market ready. We knew that Recruiting Factors had special knowledge of all these inner workings that we wanted to learn.

Jay was able to explain in depth how the database worked. He knew the back end of JobDiva and had intimate knowledge of the mechanisms of the software. Recruiting Factors convinced us that we should implement these features yesterday.

Did you experience down time during the implementation process?

We are a large organization with hundreds and hundreds of consultants out on the street. We migrated while were were live, and never missed a beat. We never missed a payroll. We never missed anything.

What made Recruiting Factors so valuable to accomplishing your goals?

They really took time to understand what we were trying to do and tried to help us achieve that goal, but were never afraid to push back. They let us know where we were making potential mistakes or where they thought we could better our process. And, I have to tell you, most of the times they were right.

They had more experience doing it than we did, and at multiple companies. Their experience with other companies really helped us. And gave me the confidence to move forward. That depth of experience they had was invaluable to me.

What would you tell other recruiters about working with Recruiting Factors?

In plain English, if you’re looking for someone to optimize all the features JobDiva has to offer, call Recruiting Factors. They’re intimately knowledgeable. They sat on the phone with me for as long a s it took to get it right.



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