Q&A with Jay: Larry Bruce, Partner, Hornet Staffing, on Search Efficiency

Have you ever been so satisfied with a consultant that you refer your own competitors to them?

Larry Bruce is a Managing Partner with Hornet Staffing in Alpharetta, GA, who hired us to do a Full Gap Analysis on the operations and functionality of his business. He shared his thoughts about working with Recruiting Factors.

What wasn’t working that led you to Recruiting Factors?

We knew that Jay was considered an expert on the complete functionality of JobDiva. We wanted him to come in and see what recommendations he could come up–not only to improve our understanding of how to utilize JobDiva, but our overall business operations in general.

What did Jay’s Gap Analysis reveal and what was implemented as a result?

  • Jay gave us a list of about 150 bullet points for better utilizing JobDiva.
  • He broke down our search workflow and showed us how we can program automated evergreen searches to look for specific skill sets all over the country at all times.

This was a significant game changer for us to constantly have our database searching for hard to fill skills 24 hours a day.

What about onboarding?

We now have an onboarding portal that sends a link to the candidate to fill out online. Once complete, it automatically populates their profile in our database.

That one activity basically does the work of an entire payroll department. Instead of hiring an a HR team to do the onboarding, Jay showed us how to automate the function entirely. And it’s done. I don’t even have to manage it.

Any suggestions for other recruiters looking to improve their search and recruiting operations?

For those willing to invest time into Jay’s recommendations, they’ll see the benefit. We’ve doubled in size since Jay. It’s hard to retrain your team and alter your model and your workflow to achieve what he recommends, but the benefit is humongous.

Being more efficient gives you so much extra time to focus on your core business, rather than constantly chasing down paperwork or searching for resumes. We became an efficient organization after Jay, and he did such a good job for me, I referred my competitors to him!



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