Q&A with Jay: Shawn Gilroy, Director of Recruiting, on Systemizing

Shawn Gilroy, Director of Recruiting for Donnelly & Moore Corporation, New York, says you may not know how powerful JobDiva really is when it comes to systemizing searches.

Listen to what he has to say.

What made you seek out the services of Recruiting Factors?

I listened to Jay speak at a JobDiva conference, and I saw immediately that I had a need for his services. We were using very little of the JobDiva functionality to run our business. So I was very interested in speaking to Jay further to hear his recommendations.

We want to utilize best business practices for recruiting, so we had Jay come in and do an “as-is” study that pointed out all the holes in the way we were running our organization. Jay calls it a Gap Analysis.

What gaps did Recruiting Factors uncover?

For one thing, not all of our responses flowed into our JobDiva database…that was a huge hole. Jay configured the process so that all the resumes we receive are entered directly into our database.

Secondly, we weren’t looking at KPIs of our recruiting team, what they were doing, how many calls they were making, etc. So, we started doing that.

The most significant improvement is the onboarding application. We can very quickly onboard new applicants based on what the client requires from a background check perspective, putting an agreement together. And it’s completely digital. No emails going back and forth. It’s all done through the system.

How have your searches improved?

The way we were doing things previously was so unsystematic. We had a haphazard approach to finding candidates. Now we run a search at the end of the day, and when you come in the next day, you have a list of people ready for you to call.

How has Jay’s approach affected your work?

Over the past couple years, we’ve worked on many many things to dramatically improve how we do what we do and do it better. I’m very thankful for Jay and his team. It’s been great.



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