An exemplary candidate onboarding experience can improve candidate retention by 82% – Glassdoor

It’s no secret- unemployment is at an all-time low and IT job openings are at an all-time hign. IT professionals, especially, have an overwhelming number of options when it comes to where they want to work – so it is important to provide a stellar candidate experience from the start. An automated, digital onboarding experience can set your technical staffing firm apart, while simultaneously getting your consultants on assignment faster, leading to increased profits and decreased down time.

88% of organizations don't onboard well.

Now that we know that an efficient onboarding process can result in higher retention and faster speed to market, there is a huge opportunity for most staffing firms to do more on the onboarding front. Only one in ten consultants think their firm does a great job of onboarding new employees. Let us help you change this by simplifying your onboarding process through automating your firm’s onboarding documents.

A negative onboarding experience results in new hires being 2x more likely to look for other opportunities

An employer in the United States spends on average $4000 and 24 days to hire a new worker. If your consultant has a negative new hire onboarding experience they could walk out and in doing so, double your cost and drastically increase the time to hire. Losing a consultant to another opportunity during the onboarding process can waste your time, disrupt productivity and cost your firm a lot of money.

The biggest onboarding challenge is inconsistent application.

A digital, automated onboarding process can reduce manual tasks, maximize resources and automate reminders to help ensure consistent application and manager accountability.

The average new hire onboarding experience consists of 54 activities

Often it is hard to reduce the number of tasks associated with the onboarding of new consultants due to federal requirements, state requirements and client requirements. Although there is not much we can do to reduce the number of required onboarding tasks, automated onboarding can reduce the amount of time it takes for consultants to complete tasks associated with onboarding.

Automate Your Onboarding Process Using JobDiva:

  • Recruiting Factors will start by evaluating your curent onboarding process and your firms compliance with Federal, State and Client requirements
  • We will gather a list of necessary packages and onboarding tasks
  • Your designated Onboarding Specialist will then send us all of the forms/information we need to build your digital onboarding documents
  • Next, we will build out digital forms to replace manual, paper-driven onboarding tasks
  • Once we have everything we need, we will automate your digital forms with auto-populating tags that pull information already in your JobDiva instance into
    the electronic onboarding documents
  • We will use these automated digital forms to create Hire packages containing Federally mandated documents and your staffing firm’s required documents
  • Next, we will build out Client onboarding packages based on your firm’s client onboarding requirements
  • Once we have the Hire & Client packages in place, we build out Supplemental packages containing any state-specific or job-specific onboarding tasks
  • When the packages are all created, we build out email templates for onboarding communication, set up notifications for internal users, and alerts for
  • Once we have created all of the necessary packages, templates, and alerts, our testing phase begins. We ensure that all pieces of the automated onboarding
    packages work seamlessly and are optimized for a platinum candidate onboarding experience
  • Finally, we enable onboarding permissions for your team at your direction and teach your staffing firm’s onboarding specialists how to use the new automated
    onboarding packages
  • Our intention is never to leave our clients in the dark, should you continue to need a dedicated support specialist for your onboarding team, we are here to
  • Looking for an alternative solution to in-house onboarding, learn more about our outsourced onboarding services

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