Staffing Specific Back Office Optimization And Specialized Services For Your Business.

Automated OnBoarding Services

An automated onboarding program tailored to your staffing firm’s specific needs. Simply automate the entire scope of your onboarding efforts. Recruiting Factors’ Automated Onboarding Services for JobDiva enable firms to readily supplement their operations, obtain comprehensive knowledge required to exploit JobDiva’s robust functionality for onboarding contractors and assists in re-aligning internal staff on the staffing agencies’ core competencies of recruiting and staffing. Our automated onboarding rates are competitive and will completely eliminate your need for having an in-house onboarding specialist.
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DivaFinancials Implementation & Payroll Systems Integration

Are you ready to implement DivaFinacials and unsure of how to navigate the process? We will take you through the integration process from start to finish, assist you in implementing all of your accounting tools with DivaFinancials, set up timesheet coddlers to automate timesheet collection and use historical data to help you accurately calculate burdens, discounts, spreads and commissions.

Chief Financial Officer On Demand Services

A great alternative when high-growth staffing companies realize that they can no longer afford not to have the strategic leadership and expertise that a seasoned staffing industry CFO can provide. This industry-specific unique consulting service is the answer to hiring your own CFO when you do not need one full-time or even on a part-time basis. This service is perfect when the need for senior financial direction becomes apparent and existing internal staff or outside third-party financial professionals do not have the requisite expertise, qualifications, and first-hand knowledge from being a Staffing Chief Financial Officer.
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Custom Business Intelligence Reporting Services

Need custom reports not already provided in JobDiva? We can help! Let us build Custom Business Intelligence Reports for your staffing firm using JobDiva’s Custom BI features. Once you provide us with the data points you would like to track, we will build a Custom BI Report tailored to your data tracking needs. From here, we can share the reports with specific internal users and schedule reports to be received via email on designated dates and times.

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