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The Recruiting Factors Consulting Process

Our process is a proven solution for staffing firms looking to pull all the pieces of their organization together, incorporating several tools and strategies in the right order to strengthen the recruiting, sales and back-office functions of their business.

Process and Value Proposition

No nonsense or BS but staffing and recruiting best practices for selling staffing services and candidate recruitment. Transform end-user adoption of JobDiva to mission-critical for mutual success throughout your staffing firm using repeatable processes and standardized best practices designed to crush the competition.

Recruiting Factors staff are focused on and committed to helping our customers move from Good to Great. Bring our outside perspective and 90+ years of combined experience as hands-on player-coaches. You and your team will learn how to outperform and beat the competition with insights into how the best of the best staffing and recruiting firms operate. Each of us filled key leadership roles now and in the past, within the staffing industry, we understand what it takes to successfully grow and create bottom-line financial results and what it takes to get there.

  • We work with staffing firms and recruiting organizations of all sizes nationally and internationally.
  • Help our clients realize the financial return on the staff and technology (JobDiva) investments.
  • Design streamlined procedures and standardized processes that result in the transformation of each employee’s baseline knowledge for the tasks and responsibilities that must take place to compete at a higher level to be successful.
  • Transform poor behaviors and bad habits that recruiters and salespeople have adopted through positive reinforcement and change management.
  • Address the full life cycle of staffing sales using proven techniques and methodologies for prospecting for new clients and sales funnel development.
  • Recruiting lead generation, sourcing, pipelining, recruitment, qualification, interviewing, and on-boarding strategies necessary to effectively compete for both, passive and active talent.
  • Unlock month-over-month repeatable and predictable profits through increased sales and recruiter capabilities.
  • Make more placements by recruiters filling more job orders and sales exceeding their quotas.
  • Instill accountability from all individual contributors to be on target for monthly quotas and more predictable forecasting.

Our priority is our customers and making sure we serve them to the very best of our abilities. This starts with completely understanding our customers’ challenges so that we can help them make more placements monthly. This can only be achieved when JobDiva® is implemented and actionable “best practices” are executed repeatedly throughout the organization.

Through our coaching and training sessions, we help our staffing and recruiting customers experience realize the realization of why they invested in JobDiva® as their “mission-critical” Customer Relationship Management and Applicant Tracking System. Recruiting Factors specializes in helping our customers meet and exceed those expectations as well as getting more than their fair share of monthly starts and placements resulting in net new headcount by increasing the performance of every person in the organization.

Our pledge to our clients is to focus on helping you grow through increased competitive capabilities and knowledge required to achieve your next level of productivity and profitability.

Initial Discovery Call

The Discovery Call: This is a chance for our Recruiting Factors Team to introduce themselves and get acquainted with your leadership team and recruiting organization. In this first discovery meeting, we will:

  • Discuss your organization’s front-office and back-office goals
  • Discuss your organization’s front-office and back-office challenges
  • Become acquainted with your current processes and identify inefficiencies
  • Introduce you to our process
  • Address any questions you may have regarding our process

The Gap Analysis

Following our initial Discovery Call, we will work diligently offsite to familiarize ourselves with your processes and technology. Recruiting Factors performs a comprehensive GAP Analysis, which is a deep examination of the entire business utilizing Total Quality Management (TQM) methodology to uncover areas where opportunities for improvement exist that negatively impact the productivity and effectiveness of the staffing firm’s ability to increase submittal to interview and interview to offer ratio’s while decreasing the time taken to identify the top talent, improving time-to-market and decreasing lost consultants to the competition (LTC).

The Performance Optimization Action Plan

Once we have conducted a thorough analysis of your recruiting organization, processes, and systems, our Recruiting Factors team puts together an in-depth review of what we’ve discovered during the Gap Analysis. We use this information to prepare a Performance Optimization Action Plan of ultimate best practices customized to the unique needs of your organization. Your customized Performance Optimization Action Plan is designed to arm you and your team with the tools and best practices to turn your team into a high-performing technical staffing organization. This assessment is a completely immersive experience where we look at the impact of your leadership team, salespeople, recruiters, back-office professionals, and processes to identify how each aligns with the overall goals you have for your organization.

Implementation & Training

With approval from your leadership team, we begin to implement the process changes outlined in the Gap Analysis. Let us take on some or all of the work required to improve your processes and procedures. Our team will work hands-on with your “Implementation Expert” to correct disruptions in your current processes that are negatively impacting your bottom line. Our training is performed by our team of hands-on player-coaches with 50 years of combined experience in high-performance technical staffing. Having filled key leadership roles now and in the past within the staffing industry, they understand first-hand what it takes to successfully grow and create bottom-line financial results and what it takes to get there.

Quarterly Follow-up & Customer Care

This is dedicated time with your leadership team that occurs during each quarter for a year following the implementation of your new recruiting processes. We will use these sessions to evaluate performance, set our priorities and resolve any issues that may impede progress. Allow us to continue to assist you during the growing process by taking advantage of our on-demand consulting services.

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