15 Benefits Of Outsourced Onboarding

Staffing firm owners are continually feeling the pressure to run a leaner organization and reduce operational costs. This can also lead to risks from not being in compliance with your clients’ Service Agreements as a supplier. Each consultant being placed by your staffing firm at your customers must go through the rigorous onboarding process before they are able to start. Any hiccup along the way can result in the consultant not starting when the hiring manager expected and subsequently can result in lost revenue for your staffing firm. This ripple effect then causes the client to get behind in a crucial project due to the delayed start of the contractor and can result in a blemished reputation for your staffing agency.

The onboarding function at all staffing firms is a necessary operational function that requires high-compliance to avoid being at risk. Lets face it, onboarding is often not top of mind to the staffing firm owner until there is a problem with a consultant not starting an assignment on the expected start date or when there is a problem with a consultant after they are on billing. As a JobDiva customer, the end-to-end workflow and document management allow for a central repository for all client-specific onboarding documents to be retained in accordance with each of the staffing agency’s client service agreement requirements.

Outsourcing the creation and automation of customer-specific onboarding documents and packages can result in a more positive consultant onboarding experience. Outsourced onboarding can also result in financial savings, efficiencies and complete compliance when all or some of the onboarding process is moved to an outsourced business function. Outsourcing the onboarding process enables the firm to maintain focus on core competencies and drive mission-critical business priorities that generate higher revenue.

Partnering with an outsourced onboarding vendor as your trusted onboarding experts to outsource some or all of the consultant onboarding process can significantly reduce costs while ensuring that you have compliant processes that reduce current manually inefficient, labor-intensive procedures.

Key Benefits Of Outsourced Onboarding

  • Reduce operational risks and internal staff costs
  • Establish scalability for immediate response to meeting client demands.
  • Increase operational flexibility and turnaround time from when an offer is received to when consultants start an assignment
  • Gain access to unparalleled expertise, best practices, establish consistent, uniform processes that promote a culture of compliance
  • Take advantage of your investment in JobDiva’s continuous system improvements in its best-in-class technology, infrastructure, security and complete set ofJobDiva’sfeatures at no further costs to onboarding consultants
  • Avoid IT costs associated with other products for licensing, technology build-outs, enhancement requests and on-going software maintenance
  • Refocus on core competencies that fuel revenue contribution and business growth
  • Replace current manually exhaustive paper-driven document management
  • Onboarding will no longer be dependent on one person who knows what needs to be performed for each client but rather role-driven using documented repeatable processes
  • A professional first impression to the consultant onboarding experience that is a direct reflection of your staffing firm
  • Central repository in JobDiva for document management, security, control, auditing and retention
  • Mitigate human error and enhance compliance associated with tracking and document management required under service agreements you have signed
  • Customization of onboarding documents and packages specific to each client sent with only a few clicks
  • Increased speed of consultant submitting required documentation in a timely manner to meet expected start dates by the client
  • Mobile application for viewing, completing, signing and submitting documents directly from your smartphone

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