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"I've known Jay for over nine years - first a client, soon as an admired client, and then as a friend and a respected industry colleague, Jay has always demonstrated as keen mastery of the staffing and talent management space. He's an expert on the interpersonal aspect of human capital as wll as its value-propositions. Jay has a knack for identifying innovations of value, sorting them out from the over-hyped fluff that might pass by, and is deft at change management. Mr. Powel is a leader, an analyst, an advisor, a mentor and a great achiever. I'm very glad to have met him and to have this opportunity to share my high regard for him."

  • Diya Obeid

    CEO, JobDiva

    "JobDiva is so powerful and such an incredible tool, but if you don't know how to use it, it's worthless. We were using it to the best of our ability, but Jay came in to show us best practices. Jay excels at weeding out people who are slacking and just hiding in the system from people who actually want to work, which is incredible. I'm a big fan of people who are good at their jobs, and Jay is great at what he does. He's so thorough, explains things well, and ends up holding you accountable for the changes you're trying to implement.  It was a great investment for our company."

  • Eleanor Estes

    CEO, Tech Providers

    "We knew that Jay was considered an expert on the complete functionality of JobDiva. We wanted him to come in and see what recommendations he could come up--not only to improve our understanding of how to utilize JobDiva, but our overall business operations in general. Jay gave us a list of about 150 bullet points for better utilizing JobDiva. He broke down our search workflow and showed us how we can program automated evergreen searches to look for specific skill sets all over the country at all times."

  • Larry Bruce

    Managing Partner, Hornet Staffing

    "I have had a professional relationship with Jay for more than 8 years in many capacities. He is a true leader and innovator in the IT Professional Services, Staffing industry. His appriach to managing a staffing organization plus his caring for his customers combine to guarantee success for himself, his firms and his customers."

  • Jack Shein

    SVP, JobDiva

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    "Without Jay, I don't think I would not have been able to figure out JobDiva's back-end technology. I knew how to put together a Boolean search string. But what Jay taught me was to be more intentional with our database by searching our internal candidates first. Having Jay on my team is a wonderful advantage so I can call him when I'm feeling stuck or like I'm not getting certain results. Often, it's a simple fix that I didn't catch, but with his experience, he catches it."

  • Olivia Vo

    Technical Recruiter, Donnelley & Moore Consulting

    "I listened to Jay speak at a JobDiva conference, and I saw immediately that I had a need for his services.  We were using very little of the JobDiva functionality to run our business.  So I was very interested in speaking to Jay further to hear his recommendations. We want to utilize best business practices for recruiting, so we had Jay come in and do an "as-is" study that pointed out all the holes in the way we were running our organization. Jay calls it a Gap Analysis."

  • Shawn Gilroy

    Director of Recruiting, Donnelly & Moore Corporation

    "Jay was able to explain in depth how the database worked.  He knew the back end of JobDiva and had intimate knowledge of the mechanisms of the software.  Recruiting Factors convinced us that we should implement these features yesterday. They really took time to understand what we were trying to do and tried to help us achieve that goal, but were never afraid to push back. They let us know where we were making potential mistakes or where they thought we could better our process.  And, I have to tell you, most of the times they were right."

  • Matt Walden

    Managing Partner, Infinity Consulting Solutions

    "A chance meeting with Jay was one of the best things to happen to my recruiting team. The process improvements he helped us put in place increased our productivity by 3X, and has allowed us to both reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of our efforts. Jay is a pleasure to work with, and I recommend him highly."

  • Eric Oelschlaeger

    President, Epsilon

    "CloudMasters needed to expand a specialized recruiting effort within a specific budget. Jay looked at our challenges and made recommendations on process, how to leverage tools and services available in the staffing marketplace we had no idea were available. The results were our placements increased with our investment and the new service provider he worked to intergrate into our new recruiting process brought real and measurable results."

  • Keith Bucklen

    President, CloudMasters

    "Jay Powell is a staffing industry veteran with excellent knowledge in recruiting, related tools, workflows, policies and procedurs. I enjoyed working with Jay and implemented several of his recommendations in my company improving overall performance."

  • Goutham Amarneni

    President, Zolon Tech Inc.

    "Recruiting Factors has done amazing things for our business". Now only have they helped 1-800-BOARDUP place topnotch professionals in our Home Office, but hey have provided us with process analysis that has changed our business for the better. His team not only analyzed our current practices, but re-wrote our processes and presentations and taught them to our team. Their extensive knowledge in talent sourcing combined with their passion for helping businesses grow makes Recruiting Factors one heck of business partner. I highly recommend Recruiting Factors and Jay Powell for any talent sourcing or consultation. We plan to work with his firm for a long time."

  • Beth Toenies

    President, 1-800-BOARDUP

    "Jay made my partnership with a private, high-performing staffing firm infinitely easier while he was there. By being communicative, strategic, responsible and collaborative, not only did this allow me personally to be more aligned with their business objectives, but LinkedIn as a business solution was properly positioned to be a long-term results based partner. Any organization would be lucky to have an asset like Jay at the heml!"

  • Thomas Martin

    Enterprise Relationship Manager, LinkedIn Learning Solutions

    "Jay is a master of getting the most out of recruitment systems & processes. I worked with him extensively when he was at a privately held staffing firm and I could always count on two things: he makes good decisions even if they aren't the most popular and he gets the most out of the resources he invests in. I like that style so I enjoyed working with him very much."

  • Justin Main

    Regional Sales Manager, Billtrust

    "Jay is a seasoned Information Technology Staffing Executive with extensive experience driving fast paced large staffing divisions. He played a crucial role in driving the explosive growth at a private staffing firm by building a world class recruiting organization from the ground up. He brings a vast amount of knowledge around staffing analytics and metrics that would be an asset to any staffing firm seeking to bring a firm to a higher level of execution."

  • Mike Foley

    Director of New England Recruiting, NTT Data Americas