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On-Demand CFO Services

Our On-Demand Staffing CFO Approach

Recruiting Factors’ CFO consulting services are offered on an on-demand basis to growth-stage companies, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time finance executive. Many staffing firms who engage Recruiting Factors’ On-Demand CFO need recurring financial support, but do not yet require a full-time CFO. For these clients, our goal is to significantly reduce the Founder/CEO’s administrative burden, while professionalizing the company’s finance function in preparation for future growth. Our On-Demand CFO will work closely with your management team and internal finance group to develop an intimate understanding of both your business operations and financial objectives. Recruiting Factors’ On-Demand CFO delivers strategic, results-oriented advice, guiding businesses to maximize
advantages while minimizing risk.

For staffing firms seeking project-based support, such as implementing a new financial accounting system or building a financial model to raise equity or minimize debt, we will work with you to define goals and determine the scope of work, project timeline and deliverables you will receive upon completion of the work. By managing the project from start to finish, Recruiting Factors’ on-Demand CFO offers an affordable and efficient option for handling work that falls outside the normal scope of the company’s financial operations.

Recruiting Factors’ On-Demand CFO consulting services structures client relationships in a flexible manner to create the best fit for the staffing firms we serve. For clients who wish to have our On-Demand CFO act as de facto CFO for their staffing firm, we offer hourly, daily or weekly rates depending on the needs of the client. This flexible, on-demand, outsourced model translates to a fraction of the cost of a full-time, in-house CFO.

For project-based arrangements, Recruiting Factors’ On-Demand CFO can work out an hourly or daily rate depending on the nature of the work. And we are always happy to supply hard estimates for specific projects, allowing you to budget and plan accordingly.

Our On-Demand CFO Services Include:

  • Provide Strong Financial Leadership To Integrate Financial Targets & KPIs With Operational Goals
  • Validate Accuracy of Balance Sheet
  • Validate Accuracy of P&L Statement
  • Streamline & Document Accounting Processes
  • Ensure Master Services Agreement Compliance
  • Prepare Overhead Analysis – Break-Even Markup
  • Professionalize Finance Function For Future Growth & Increase Financing Options

  • Validate Commission Plans & Calculations
  • Liaise With Outside Accountants (Audit & Tax Purposes)
  • JobDiva® DivaFinancials Implementation
  • Implement & Train CalcuDiva & DivaFinancials
  • Audit Assignment Records For Accuracy
  • Integrate JobDiva With Your Payroll Provider & QuickBooks
  • Assist With Customer Collections

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