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12 Actionable Strategies That Transform Recruiting


In todays digital economy corporations rely heavily on technology to solve business problems. Due to this reliance and high demand placed on enterprise business software applications and supporting network infrastructures the capabilities of the recruiting and talent acquisition organizations who are tasked with recruiting professionals requires that they be:

  • Critical and analytical thinkers
  • Able to execute actionable repeatable processes that drive high productivity
  • Capable of leveraging talent management systems that fuel recruitment efficiencies
  • Individual productivity and performance is aligned with corporate revenue goals for the seats that must be filled

The competition for highly sought after professionals is at an all-time high requiring that Talent Acquisition teams responsible for the recruitment of talent be optimized and streamlined for peak effectiveness, standardized on processes and all workflows, work faster, smarter and be the catalyst for changing the archaic human resources this is the way we do things mentality.

This can only occur by:

  • Proactively building & nurturing talent communities
  • Pipelining candidates for future needs
  • Mining existing resume repositories
  • Reducing applicant abandonment rates on corporate career sites
  • Establishing and executing proven, repeatable talent acquisition processes
  • Creating a data-driven talent acquisition strategy using predictive analytics
  • Establishing and understanding what key productivity/performance indicators (KPIs) goals should be instituted and measured
  • Aligning hires to be performed with associated revenue for the position so that recruiters understand the impact that each position represents to the company for each day it goes unfilled
  • Positioning each recruiters level of experience with realistic ability to achieve projected goals to meet or exceed targeted hiring goals
  • Creating a positive candidate experience throughout all phases of the recruitment process from when they first interact with the corporate career applicant process to being onboarded
  • Understanding compensation requirements for impactful recruiting professionals
  • On-going professional training & development

When organizations directly tie performance outcomes to their recruiting and talent acquisition team members productivity, gaps in capabilities will become clearer.



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