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Crafting Job Postings That Attract Top Talent

Are your job postings being overlooked by top talent?

Its alarming how many Staffing Firms do not recognize the significance that job postings play in attracting top talent for their open jobs. Recruiters and the staffing firms they work for who simply copy and paste the job description and job titles verbatim as they were originally received from their clients are just wasting job board posting slots and the money paid for them. Too often, job postings are generically written, pre-formatted job descriptions and job titles that provide no real relevant information into what the customer is really seeking in the right person for their open position.

When this is the staffing firm’s standard operating procedure for job board postings for talent they more often than not attract completely unqualified candidates, as well as, risk creating a poor reputation for their firm amongthe same audience they are attempting to recruit.

“A job description, does not a good job posting make.” – Recruiting Yoda

It is essential to understand the only way to attract top talent is to sell your position. This requires that the job descriptions and job titles received by the staffing firm from their customers must be rewritten.You can go to any job board site and see which staffing firms are doing a great job with their postings and which are not. Often multiple staffing firms have the exact same job board postings for talent with no variances in how the title or job description has been posted from one firm to the next. The percentages decrease in attracting skilled candidates who are in high-demand when little to no effort is performed by the staffing firm to differentiate their jobs and their staffing firm from the competition.

Think of this as the sales portion of recruiting. This is your opportunity to sell your staffing firm, sell your client, sell the position and get top talent to apply.

In a sellers market, recruitersneed to constantly outperform their competition. Having well written and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) job board postings is a necessity and not an option.

In order for search engines to filter through thousands of jobs to present candidates with the right job matches based on their search criteria, job title and descriptive key words they are using to find new career opportunities, the job content must be optimized so their jobs receive a higher ranking no matter how long ago the job was originally posted. That is unless of course the job seeker limits the date range for postings, which will automatically exclude jobs that have not been posted within the prescribed time frame specified.

Every staffing firm is attempting to attract candidates to their open positions within their target audience. However, candidates often lack professional training on creating and crafting searches, which places them at a disadvantage when trying to locate the ideal next new career opportunity. Even with simple user interfaces designed now to make it easy for the job seeker to perform searches they still havent any idea how the under lying Boolean logic that the search engines like Google, LinkedIn, job boards, ATS that are typically feeding the staffing firms website career page and other social media mediums produce and rank the best job results for them.

Using keyword and keyword phrases with rich intelligent content and repeated terminology produce high-ranking results for the job seeker job searches and the staffing firms attempting to recruit them. When job posting job titles and descriptions resonate with what the candidate is seeking in the next ideal job the staffing firm’s jobs will rank higher than their competition in their search results. When this occurs likelihood of the best candidates calling to learn more or applying to the job increases dramatically!



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