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Reasons Why Agency Recruiters Leave

Staffing agency recruiters are a special breed of person who possess several character traits that they rely on daily to succeed. Saying goodbye to them as they move on to an internal in-house corporate recruiting position or better yet your competition has an immediate and lasting negative financial impact that is irreplaceable.

Staffing agencies who become the farm team can prevent their self-inflicted and ongoing exodus of their most valued staff from redeploying themselves to corporate HR or their competition by employing some key recruiting strategies. To accomplish this the need to take a hard look internally to determine if any of the reasons cited below are preventable:


The reasons cited on why agency recruiters make the move to in-house:

  • Not making the kind of money they expected
  • Tired of the day-to-day pressure cooker and are burned out mentally
  • Lack of trust, respect and confidence in ownership/leadership/supervisor
  • Grass is greener elsewhere
  • Satisfaction with overall workplace environment
  • Unable to identify with their peers
  • Need a greater work-life balance
  • Work site commutability
  • Flexibility to work remotely
  • Their boss/company expects them to be available at all times

This pressure cooker, eat-what-you-kill and what have you done for me today atmosphere is often a byproduct of the staffing agency not leveraging available technology like JobDiva applicant tracking system (ATS) to its fullest. Implementing strategic staffing talent management systems that are designed around a staffing firms inherent workflow processes that leverage automation and continually introduce new and greater system efficiencies allowing their staff to work smarter, not work harder, and not work longer than an 8-hour workday can eliminate 75% of the reasons why agency recruiters leave their firms.

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