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Recruiting Best Practices for Going Lean

If you were placed in a position at your staffing and recruiting firm to identify all existing workflows and processes that are perceived as being bottlenecks to your organizations how would you start your assessment?

The candidate and customer experience should always be the overshadowing reason for making internal workflow and processes improvements. These changes should ultimately result in the staffing firm making more placements, increasing recruitment results, quality, cost-per-hire, and speed-to-market.

What are the recruiting best practicesto scaling profitably and maintaining a lean organization?

1. Remove unnecessary layers!

This is typically unnecessary people, where they are no longer needed because of how the customer procures talent. This can also be unnecessary processes, that is things that you do “because that’s how it always has been done, versus having a true business case for doing so. Creating a step-by-step recruiting cycle for running a highly efficient end-to-end process from when the open job order is received to when the first candidates are submitted to your customers. This process is designed to open your eyes all of the unnecessary layers in your process and bring you closer to correcting them.

2. Leverage your current ATS!

A staffing firm’s ability to leverage their internal Applicant Tracking System (ATS) technology is a key factor in reducing time-to-fill and streamlining existing workflows.Buyers of staffing services further compress margins while still expecting the staffing suppliers to meet or exceed candidate quality expectations making it imperative that staffing firms craft effective searches and create hotlists tailored to their current job order in their ATS.

3. Aligning recruiter expectations with company goals!

Ensure recruiter expectations are aligned with internal goals to maximize each individuals performance and their contribution. When recruiter goals are tied to overall company goals, your recruiting organization can see how they fit into the larger picture of the organization. Think of the recruiters as revenue for your firm, utilize them and always be training them. If your staffing firm’s goal is to run leaner, while generating more revenue then you have to align your recruiting organization’s goals with running lean and increasing the bottom line.

When actionable and repeatable workflow processes are implemented and adopted by the staffing firm to reduce all staffing and recruiting delivery life cycles, the firms top and bottom-line growth will always be positively impacted. Therefore, leaving you with a profitable and lean firm.



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