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Why Staffing Agencies That Practice Recruiting “One and Done” Struggle

The term one-and-done is used to describe an athlete, typically a basketball player who enters college for only their freshman year and bolts at the end of that year to play in the NBA. One-Try is an attempt to do something one time. And none, is exactly what is sounds like, not one, not any, zero attempts.

How do each of these recruiting approaches negatively impact a staffing agencies ability to scale financially, beat the competition, and harm their reputation?


Its simple! When a staffing firm consistently only submits a single candidate for an open job, makes one poor attempt at searching and producing possibly one qualified candidate or even worse dont submit a single candidate for an open job their chances of someone starting with their customer is dramatically lowered.

Numbers speak for themselves and the resulting net new monthly contractors that didnt start can be directly linked back to each recruiters performance. Staffing firm leaders must set recruiting expectations and monitor those activities that are directly linked to individual recruiter performance.

These expectations should be hinged to:

1. New jobs assigned

2. Candidate quality

3. Number of qualified candidates submitted in a timely fashion

4. Interview requests

5. Offers

6. Net new starts

Each of these are leading indicators for recruiting activities that are central to increasing monthly placements. When these activities (assuming that the recruiters are well trained and have access to the talent required to succeed) are adhered to even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

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