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Are You Capitalizing On JobDivaⓇ To Beat The Competition?

Congratulations! Youve already purchased the best ATS, but are you leveraging it to increase  recruiter performance and make more placements monthly?

Like all staffing firms, my guess is that you want to double revenues and expect JobDiva to be an important factor in fueling greater top and bottom-line growth? If you’re not expecting JobDiva to play a big part in your overall go-to market strategy and increase  recruiter performance from start to finish, you likely don’t realize the advantages that you should expect from using JobDiva.

Smart staffing firms expect more production and greater performance from their recruiters. In order to do this, staffing firm leaders must first ensure that they have set the stage with the best ATS so their staff is set up for success.

IsJobDiva your staffing firms mission critical recruiting tool? Staffing firms have a tendency when implementingJobDiva to continue operating or even create work arounds for how the system has actually been designed. In order to drive the greatest ROI and optimize performance, new behaviors need to be adopted to reap the greatest benefits for your staffing firm.


“JobDiva should be your firms mission critical recruiting tool.”

Savvy staffing firm business leaders know that we are experiencing the tightest candidate driven market in more than two decades. As greater forces are placed on the staffing industry to perform more for less, maintaining the status quo and driving scalable profitable growth necessitates working smarter and faster than the competition at all times.

In todays candidate driven market, being able to recruit the best talent demands that JobDiva be your competitive advantage. You knew this when you implementedJobDiva, but as the saying goes, Old habits die hard.

The tracking of clients, hiring managers, job orders and candidate notes is table stakes for Applicant Tracking System vendors, but staffing firms should expect more from their ATS.JobDiva works for you by automating and optimizing the end-to-end recruiting process. Driving more placements monthly from your existing customer job orders is possible when JobDiva is leveraged to its fullest capabilities.

“JobDiva works for you by automating and optimizing the end-to-end recruiting process.”

In order for recruiters to get the most out ofJobDiva they need to possess an in-depth knowledge of its complete functionality and the benefits that it provides beyond initial user training.

Eight ways your staffing firm can capitalize on JobDiva:

  • Proactively build internal candidate pipelines using evergreen search capabilities.
  • Utilize Hotlist searches in concert with talent agents running in the background 24 X 7 X 365, constantly searching job boards and downloading resumes that match your specified search criteria- automatically.
  • Increase placements by getting to the best talent faster using advanced resume search techniques.
  • Reducing cost associated with your job board resume database licenses so that you aren’t wasting resume/candidate views on candidates that are already in yourJobDiva database.
  • Save time by having an ATS that merges with your email software, that allows for your recruiting team to kickstart notifying candidates of new career opportunities prior to the first phone call.
  • Tracking of all email correspondence between the staffing firms internal team, candidates and contacts for future reference.
  • Synchronize JobDiva with VMS portals, removing the sneaker interface and allowing both systems to seamlessly communicate with one another.
  • Focus your recruiting efforts by removing manual access from your recruiters to the staffing firm’s job board licenses and focus all recruiting efforts withinJobDiva, eliminating time wasters and distractions.

If you haven’t adapted your internal processes to mirrorJobDiva’s robust, game- changing recruiting tools that set it apart from competing Applicant Tracking Systems then you aren’t getting your full return on investment.

“JobDiva redefines applicant tracking systems and is the only real Applicant SEARCH System.”

JobDiva recruiters that implement best practices through the standardization of how they routinely interact with the system through established repeatable processes maximize their performance as individual contributors and make more placements monthly.

When staffing firms are able to focus on what impacts the business strategically by shortening the amount of time it takes to source, identify, qualify, recruit and submit candidates to the job orders assigned to them, it increases the staffing firms percentages of getting their candidates interviews, offers and starts.

JobDiva redefines applicant tracking systems and is the only real comprehensive recruiting solution that will make a difference in your firms ability to drive new growth and profitably scale.

Ready to capitalize on JobDiva?


Jay Powell is our JobDiva Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Super User. He has been implementing, managing and capitalizing on JobDivas unique features since 2007.



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