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Increasing Recruiter Performance

Does your recruiting team have what it takes to succeed in todays competitive staffing marketplace?

Recruiting is both, an art and a science. You expect your mechanic to possess the requisite knowledge through ongoing professional development to work on your automobile. Well, the same holds true for recruiters. However, recruiter professional development and training often is undervalued.

The positive financial impact resulting from recruiter training and ongoing professional development is realized when the outcome of that training can be monetized. The monetization comes from increased placements monthly and recruiter gratification from the work they perform daily. Providing recruiters with baseline, intermediate, junior and advanced recruiting and talent acquisition techniques and methodologies is a must for staffing firms that expect to scale and experience year-over-year profitable growth.

Recruiting is both, an art and a science.

Recruiter proficiency and the need to ramp entry level and junior recruiters abilities to produce can be directly tied to the staffing firms commitment to training. Consistent and standardized training through a regular ongoing professional development training program pays long-term dividends for a staffing firms overall success.

When recruiters havent been afforded recruiter training designed to meet their individual level of experience, they often struggle and fail to produce the desired quotas they are assigned to achieve. Expecting someone to learn to be a professional recruiter through on-the-job-training (OJT) or osmosis are training formulas doomed for failure and high employee turnover. When recruiters dont understand the basic concepts of recruiting from the beginning of their careers it creates and reinforces bad habits and ultimately poor results.

The OJT process of recruiter learning through trial and error as they attempt to qualify candidates who are not even remotely a match on paper (resume) due to poorly crafted keyword and skills search criteria sends the wrong message to the recruiter, the candidates and rapidly has a negative effect across the staffing firm. When professional development is not a top priority it usually results in the staffing agency having a poor reputation and an inability to meet their budgeted forecasts and quotas.

Do your recruiters in todays war for professionals, possess the basic knowledge and critical thinking skills to be counted on when an open job requirement is assigned?

Recruiting leadership and management must know the level of each individual recruiters experience andtheir abilities so that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are realistically aligned and allow them to succeed.

With proper education, nurturing and consistent timely training the staffing firm quickly recognizes the positive impact that increasing recruiters performance and setting expectations for consistent productivity has on the firms bottom line.

Hiring more people is rarely the cure. Investing in your recruiters professional development is vital for long-term profitable growth and recruiter gratification in work performed at a staffing agency.

Once the customer signs the staffing services agreement it then becomes a recruiting and delivery capability. No one makes any money until a person goes to work. The question is, How many people does your firm want to put to work each month?

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