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Turning Your Recruiters Into  Recruiting Champions

Should Recruiter Training Be A Priority For Your Staffing Firm?

Great recruiters, like great professional football players arent born, they are bred through an ongoing commitment by their employer or coach to their professional, personal and financial development. A recruiting team that is well trained, mentored and coached to maximize their individual productivity is always in the Staffing Firms best interest.

You wouldnt expect Bill Belichick to putTom Brady on the field without proper training and practice, would you? Of course not! Brady didnt become the champion he is by sitting on the sidelines. Just like your recruiters cant be champions for your staffing firm without ongoing training.

“Put me in coach, Im ready to play today.” John Fogerty

Creating and executing an end-to-end, thoroughly documented and standardized recruiter training program is essential to maximizing recruiter productivity. Whether you prefer more traditional training methods like employee manuals and PowerPoints or cutting edge eLearning through gamification, development of your recruiting team must and will always be a top priority.

“Training is a cost center, not a disease!” Ajay Pangarkar

I know what youre thinking, training efforts cost money and there is no immediate ROI. However, making an investment in your firms recruiters increases placements and profitability long-term.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Start with an initial assessment of training efforts and your recruiting teams knowledge. This must first be assessed and established in order for any recruiter training curriculum to effectively foster professional knowledge and drive scalable, profitable growth.
  • The recruiter training plan should be designed to address what knowledge is required for each Recruiters level of experience.Start with the basics and work from there up to expert level recruiting techniques.
  • Remember: Training is a self-serving investment for the staffing firm business owner and the resources spent on your recruiting teams professional development has a positive financial impact on the Staffing Firms bottom-line.

“All coaching is, is taking a player where he cant take himself.” Bill McCartney

Creating a step-by-step recruiter training plan or playbook, just like any well-coached football team, separates the great staffing firms from their competition. However, not having the right person who can perform the training based on their own hands-on knowledge and experience, just like any football coach, will not have the lasting impact necessary to produce a winning team consistently.

Jay Powell has been coaching, training and managing recruiter champions for nearly two decades. As a hands-on player coach in the staffing industry, his training techniques are guaranteed to help yourrecruiting team make more placements monthly and drive long-term profitability.



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